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As I went to email Sara her comment sheet it was not in my file, which makes me wonder if I accidentally saved over it with someone else’s name. So if you get a comment sheet that makes no sense to you or the comments don’t align with your work, but your name is at the top please let me know. The grades are still all correct because I inputted them in two places at once, so I know there is no error in the assigned grades. My point is contact me if your comments are confusing to you in any way.

If you did not receive your unit plan comment page via email today, please email me and I will reply with the attachment.


Marks- Revised- Revised

In all my infinite wisdom, I apparently can’t get this right. My apologies that I converted 4 student’s marks on the first assignment to be out of 40 rather than 35 which showed their final mark as being larger than possible. Thus, please note I have revised once again. Thanks for keeping me accountable!

Please not I have uploaded a new mark page. Please contact me if you have questions about your marks. The two students with no final marks posted need to contact me asap. I will email out the grade sheets tomorrow.

Marks no names ESST Winter 2016

ESST 310-020

In this course you will grow your understanding of the Elementary Social Studies curriculum and how it connects with pedagogy, resources, technology tools, integration, collaboration and inquiry. We will explore, model, and exchange methods, tools, and strategies in order to grow as professionals.  As a community of learners we will navigate the various components of the social studies curriculum and all the intricacies involved in helping students to understand this knowledge in constructive, thought provoking ways Saskatchewan Curriculum states…

The purpose of Kindergarten to Grade 12 Social Studies is to help students know and appreciate the past, understand the present, influence the future, and make connections between events and issues of the past, the present, and the future. Further, its purpose is to make students aware that, just as contemporary events have been shaped by actions taken by people in the past, they have the opportunity to shape the future. The ultimate aim is for students who have a sense of themselves as active participants and citizens in an inclusive, culturally diverse, interdependent world.

Goals are broad statements identifying what students are expected to know and be able to do upon completion of the learning in a particular area of study by the end of Grade 12. The four goals of K-12 Social Studies and Social Sciences education are to:

  • examine the local, indigenous, and global interactions and interdependence of individuals, societies, cultures, and nations (IN).
  • analyze the dynamic relationships of people with the land, environments, events, and ideas as they have affected the past, shape the present, and influence the future (DR).
  • investigate the processes and structures of power and authority, and the implications for individuals, communities, and nations (PA)
  • examine various worldviews about the use and distribution of resources and wealth in relation to the needs of individuals, communities, nations, and the natural environment, and contribute to sustainable development (RW).

The Interactions and Interdependence goal (IN) recognizes and encompasses the disciplines of anthropology, archaeology, philosophy, psychology, and sociology within the social studies and social sciences, while the Dynamic Relationships goal (DR) recognizes and encompasses the disciplines of geography and history. As well, the Power and Authority goal (PA) recognizes and encompasses the disciplines of political science and law, while the Resources and Wealth goal (RW) recognizes and encompasses the disciplines of economics and environmental studies.


Thanks for sharing this interesting site.

Social Studies Toolbox

Link To Resource

Why It Was Chosen

This resource is an annotated list of websites for Canadian social studies educators, and is a well-planned, well-put together resource that is great for teachers and students alike. It has information about the environment, First Nations, geography, governments, laws, and technology, amongst other things. It is a great resource for planning and researching, and will be very useful in the classroom.


This resource is directly related to the Grade 5 curriculum which focuses on learning about Canada.

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